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12th October 2007

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Spain still one of the most popular markets with UK buyers

Recent surveys and overseas property shows have indicated that the traditional favourites of France and Spain are still the top destinations for the majority of property buyers - for investment as well as lifestyle.

Recent surveys and overseas property shows have indicated that the traditional favourites of France and Spain are still the top destinations for the majority of property buyers - for investment as well as lifestyle.

Feedback from the organizers of 3 leading Overseas Property Shows: A Place in the Sun Live; the Property Investor Show; Homes Overseas/Invest in Property all confirm that Spain is still one of the main destinations for the majority of visitors.

“ Spain continues to be the most popular investment destination, with the largest sample of visitors stating specifically it’s the place they plan to invest in,” said Homebuyer’s Mike Doyle, commenting on interest at the last Property Investor show.

Turkey, Bulgaria and Cyprus are popular with visitors according to organizers of A Place in the Sun Live and Homes Overseas, but all agree that Spain and France are still likely to be the property markets that the majority of UK and Irish buyers are interested in.

Investors and second home buyers are still flocking to Spain. According to a new survey by Spanish bank Caixa Catalunya, overseas buyers accounted for more than 12% of all properties bought in the country the first quarter of 2006.

The lifestyle buyer is also very much in evidence, particularly for retirement or emigration purposes. A survey from Natwest Survey discovered that the majority of people looking for a second home were looking at places like Spain with a view to retiring there.

France’s popularity was also highlighted by Assetz in its last market report, with managing director Stuart Law observing that: "Hard-nosed investors might want the higher returns of Bulgaria but they would not retire there. Quality destinations that offer an established infrastructure, culture and lifestyle, including excellent food and wine, continue to hold firm against their new competitors. The rental market is undeniably strong and reliable, underpinned by a tourist industry which sees 60 million people visit the country every year."

Buy to let demand on the up in Murcia

France and Spain may be mature markets but they still have emerging regions. New data from Holiday-Rentals.co.uk recently showed a massive increase in buy to let properties in the key emerging markets of Murcia in Spain, the location in which Polaris World is developing property on seven Nicklas designed Golf Resorts, and Aquitaine in France.

The number of properties listed in Murcia on the holiday home rental website increased by 85% in the last year. Less developed than the more traditional and higher profile resorts of the Costa del Sol and Cote d'Azur, these two regions are attracting more lifestyle investors.

According to the Barclays-IESE Barometer, Murcia saw a 46% rise in its British population last year and this is expected to increase by a further 35% over the next decade.

The survey found that the biggest factors for buying were the love of the area, followed by ease of access from the UK and the costs of property. Letting potential was also a major concern although the prospects for resale were quite low down the scale – suggesting that this was a long term investment option with personal use a high priority.

James Espin. 2nd November 2006.

About Polaris World & Polaris Golf Property UK

James & Debbie Espin are Directors of Overseas Property UK, the parent Company of Polaris Golf Property UK which specialises in the promotion of property for sale on the unique family of seven Polaris World Golf Resorts in Murcia, Spain featuring nine Nicklaus designed golf courses. Since being introduced to Polaris World at its outset more than four years ago, they have built up a widespread knowledge of the resorts, the Murcia region and the buying process in Spain as well as the extensive range of property, home and lifestyle services that the Polaris World companies offer to their clients.

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