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12th October 2007

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Polaris World the leading residential tourism property developer in Europe launches its latest product... Olive oil!

Property developer Polaris World is building 7 luxury golf resorts in Spain's sunny Murcia region, each of them including golf courses designed by Jack Nicklaus's own golf course design firm. Now they're launching something a little different...

The construction of 7 luxury golf resorts makes Polaris World Europe's biggest developer of residential tourism property with a broad range of apartments, townhouses and villas on offer to satisfy a variety of budgets. The developer is also laying on an array of property and lifestyle services to satisfy their buyers’ needs.

As well as the golf, sports and leisure facilities, bars, restaurants and shops that Polaris World provides in all of its resorts, the developer has set up specific divisions to provide services such as furniture and garden retailing, property management and maintenance, car rental, medical services and travel agencies.

One of those divisions, Polaris World Garden, has just completed the production of its own olive oil, primarily from the fruit of the olive trees growing in its seven commercial plantations in the region of Murcia in south east Spain. Over a period of years, these centres have been carefully nurturing both locally grown and imported trees, shrubs and small plants, primarily for planting in the golf resorts as they go through the construction phase.

Now the wonderful Mediterranean flavour of their own grown olives can be tasted in the Polaris World restaurants El Olivo and La Encina, at their Mar Menor and La Torre Golf Resorts respectively. And diners can also buy a bottle to enjoy at home from the Polaris World supermarkets now open in both resorts.

The intense aroma and delicate acidity of the oil are the result of the combination of olive varieties used. Alberquina, Picual and Manzanilla olives are predominant and a total of 17,000 kilos were used in the production of the oil.

The olive growth has been assisted by members of the Aidemar Association which is dedicated to the provision of services to the mentally disabled, and their social integration in the Mar Menor area of Murcia. Their agreement with Polaris World has provided work in the Garden production centres for eight people with disabilities.

Aidemar members recently took part in several different activities prepared by Polaris World to celebrate the extension of the collaboration agreement, which they have held with Polaris World Garden for some time. They were able to visit the Garden plant nurseries, play the Mar Menor Golf Resort driving range and even play a friendly indoor football match against the Polaris World Cartagena Indoor Football team, before retiring to Polaris World’s Intercontinental Hotel at their Mar Menor Golf Resort, for a well earned rest.

James Espin
Marketing Director
Overseas Property UK
31st January 2007

About Polaris World & Polaris Golf Property UK

James & Debbie Espin are Directors of Overseas Property UK, the parent Company of Polaris Golf Property UK which specialises in the promotion of property for sale on the unique family of seven Polaris World Golf Resorts in Murcia, Spain featuring nine Nicklaus designed golf courses. Since being introduced to Polaris World at its outset more than four years ago, they have built up a widespread knowledge of the resorts, the Murcia region and the buying process in Spain as well as the extensive range of property, home and lifestyle services that the Polaris World companies offer to their clients.

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