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12th October 2007

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First it was golf resort homes. Then it was Olive Oil. Now Spanish property developer Polaris World is producing its own wine

Now Polaris World has turned winemaker, producing its first wine which the company has labelled 'an emblem of the essence of Mediterranean culture'

Spanish Property developer Polaris World is now well known to UK citizens as a builder of holiday homes on luxury golf resorts in the Murcia region of Spain. After heavy TV advertising featuring former No.1 golfer and now Polaris World golf course designer Jack Nicklaus, the company now enjoys 59% brand awareness in the UK according to its own research. That figure rises to 67% amongst those who are actively looking for a property overseas.

The projects make Polaris World Europe's biggest developer of residential tourism property with a broad range of apartments, townhouses and villas on offer to satisfy a variety of budgets. The developer is also laying on an array of property and lifestyle services to satisfy their buyers’ needs.

As well as the golf, sports and leisure facilities, bars, restaurants and shops that Polaris World provides in all of its resorts, the developer has set up specific divisions to provide services such as furniture and garden retailing, property management and maintenance, car rental, medical services and travel agencies.

One of those divisions, Polaris World Garden, recently completed the production of its own olive oil, primarily from the fruit of the olive trees growing in its seven commercial plantations in the region of Murcia in south east Spain.

Now Polaris World has turned winemaker, producing its first wine which the company has labelled 'an emblem of the essence of Mediterranean culture'. Made entirely from the Syrah grape variety, it is produced from the company’s Prado vines which have the Jumilla appellation of origin.

The Syrah variety is the third in a family which includes Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir. The wine is mid-purple, robust, vigorous and medium- bodied with a velvety texture and supple well-balanced tannins. With aromas of violets, cassis, plums and blackberries, it is a perfect accompaniment to Mediterranean meat dishes. The wine is available now in Polaris World restaurants and supermarkets in Murcia.

James Espin
Marketing Director
Overseas Property UK
21st March 2007

About Polaris World & Polaris Golf Property UK

James & Debbie Espin are Directors of Overseas Property UK, the parent Company of Polaris Golf Property UK which specialises in the promotion of property for sale on the unique family of seven Polaris World Golf Resorts in Murcia, Spain featuring nine Nicklaus designed golf courses. Since being introduced to Polaris World at its outset more than four years ago, they have built up a widespread knowledge of the resorts, the Murcia region and the buying process in Spain as well as the extensive range of property, home and lifestyle services that the Polaris World companies offer to their clients.

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