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9th August 2007

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UK TV Campaign set to boost Polaris World popularity still further

A major TV advertising campaign promoting the Polaris World Golf Resorts in Murcia, Spain will feature on the main UK channels in May and June

UK TV Campaign set to boost Polaris World popularity still further

Polaris World's latest TV advertising campaign began on 14th May and will run until the end of June. The campaign features Polaris World president Jose Luis Hernandez and an endorsement from Jack Nicklaus, whose company has designed the nine Polaris World golf courses that will soon complete the unique Nicklaus Golf Trail in Murcia, one of the best golf offerings in Europe.

Adverts are scheduled to appear regularly on the main UK terrestrial and satellite channels and slots will include prime positions during the most popular programmes, including Coronation Street!

Previous campaigns featuring the former World No.1 golfer have resulted in 59% brand awareness for Polaris World in the UK according to its own research. That figure rises to 67% amongst those who are actively looking for a property overseas and is now set to rise further, cementing the company’s position as Europe’s leading developer of residential tourism property.

James Espin
Marketing Director
Overseas Property UK
17 May 2007

About Polaris World & Polaris Golf Property UK

James & Debbie Espin are Directors of Overseas Property UK, the parent Company of Polaris Golf Property UK which specialises in the promotion of property for sale on the unique family of seven Polaris World Golf Resorts in Murcia, Spain featuring nine Nicklaus designed golf courses. Since being introduced to Polaris World at its outset more than four years ago, they have built up a widespread knowledge of the resorts, the Murcia region and the buying process in Spain as well as the extensive range of property, home and lifestyle services that the Polaris World companies offer to their clients.

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