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9th February 2008

Boiler care from Polaris World

Polaris World offer the absent owner the opportunity to enjoy absolute peace of mind and will monitor the key equipment in your home to ensure it is safe and in full working order.

Standard Preventative Boiler Servicing includes:

  • Checking that the in and out keys are open
  • Checking the connection to the electricity mains and that the boiler receives mains supply
  • Purging air from the system
  • Topping up the heating circuit with water, if necessary
  • Opening a hot water tap to purge the circuit
  • Checking that it works for both hot water and heating
  • Checking for gas leaks in the boiler
  • Information by email to the client on the result of the servicing

Three-Year Boiler Maintenance Scheme includes:

  • Inspection visit, control, cleaning, tuning and checking of mechanisms during the second and third years of the installation of the boiler, with prior appointment
  • Fault-solving including, materials and/or parts that need to be replaced during the lifetime of the scheme, including labour and call out.

Telephone Module Kit:

  • With this kit, all it takes is a simple phone call from a landline or mobile to start up your boiler

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