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15th December 2007

Polaris World Telecom Stay Well Connected

Polaris World Telecom service offers you cutting edge technology ate excellent prices.

When you take the keys to your Polaris World home you will already be connected to the Polaris World cable network and can take immediate advantage of the latest high speed connectivity.

The telephone service, offered at highly competitive prices for external calls also includes free calls between users at Polaris World resorts including all Polaris World services. The telephone handset is provided free of charge.

High speed Broadband internet connections are also very competitively priced. Polaris World give you the ADSL modem and offer you the possibility of installing a wireless network throughout your house. You can also access the resort's intranet free of charge with an e-mail account, the possibility of hosting your own website and using chat rooms included.

Television connection immediately provides access to a wide range of free channels including many of the more familiar free to view digital channels from the BBC, ITV and Sky. You will also have options to subscribe to premium channels including Sky Movies and Sky Sports.

Polaris World also offer a specialist technical assistance service for configuring your PC, configuring e-mail accounts, TV, radio, video and DVD tuning.

Contact us for the latest prices and information according to your own property and requirements.

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