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The Services of Polaris World Home Style

The Services of Polaris World Home Style

All of your home and garden furnishing needs can be taken care of by Polaris World Home Style whose Balsicas showroom showcases an exquisite collection of top quality interior and garden furnishings. In addition you can benefit from the following services:

Furnishing & Decoration

Working directly from the plans of your home, a qualified team of professionals can produce a personalised plan of proposed furniture positioning and decoration based on your personal preferences and including a choice of rustic, contemporary, classical, modern and oriental styles.

The Services of Polaris World Home Style

Your personalised plan can be obtained by either visit the decorating studio in the Polaris World Home Style shop or, if you prefer, it can be done by e-mail.


What sort of garden would you like? Maybe you’d prefer a tropical forest or a more Mediterranean feel, or perhaps something in the minimalist style? Let your imagination run wild and then consult the professionals at the gardening department of Polaris World Home Style.

They will advise you on all of the styles and techniques in garden and exterior decoration and will design the ideal garden for you, both ornamental and functional, so that you can enjoy it the whole year round.


Polaris World Home Style has an alterations department of professionals highly qualified in this field, offering alterations* to both the interior and exterior of your home. The following are possible


1. Building work.
2. Altering interior walls.
3. Tiling and enamelling.
4. Electrical modifications.
5. Plastering / Plasterboard.
6. Decorative painting.
7. Plumbing.
8. Plumbing alterations.
9. Sanitation modifications.
10. Carpentry.
11. Kitchen improvements.
12. Cupboards and Wardrobes.


1. Exterior surfacing.
2. Garden paving.
3. IPE flooring.
4. Pre-installation for barbecues.

* Note that some or all of the above alterations on certain property types may not be possible prior to completion. Please refer to the standard specification of your chosen property at the time of purchase.

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