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9th February 2008

Polaris World Property Maintenance

When you are away from your Polaris World home you can take advantage of services that will keep it clean and safe in your absence a wide range of services, from key holding right through to technical assistance and repairs.

To cater for every need, Polaris World has developed three different service packages Silver, Gold & Platinum - to help you take care of your home.

Polaris World will provide you with all of the following, depending on your choice of package:

  • Key holding service
  • Fortnightly internal and external home inspection
  • Fortnightly airing of all rooms
  • Fortnightly checking that all windows, doors and blinds are closed
  • Fortnightly sweeping, dusting and mopping the inside of your home (Gold & Platinum only)
  • Monthly sweeping of terraces (Gold & Platinum only)
  • Sweeping, dusting balcony railings and mopping outside (Platinum only)
  • Fortnightly checking utilities (water, gas and electricity) (Gold & Platinum only)
  • Turning taps and cisterns on to prevent bad smells from dry pipes
  • Monthly information on the state of your home, advising of damage, uregent repairs etc.
  • Additional inspections due to adverse weather conditions
  • Annual preventative inspection for the proper working of air conditioning and heating
  • Reading of meters

Prices start from as little as €275 per annum for a 2 bed apartment on the silver package. Contact us for the latest prices and information according to your own property and requirements

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