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25th July 2008

Polaris World Property Tips: CONSTRUCTION

The interior flooring of your home is made of top-quality stoneware tiles. We recommend you clean these tiles with neutral soap.

The outside of your home is paved with top- quality hand-made clay tiles. We recommend you clean these tiles with non-abrasive detergents diluted in water.


Due to condensation, Marble can sometimes start to appear white. Polaris World recommend that as well as proper airing, you clean with Marble with water and a neutral soap and then use wax.


It is recommended that you clean the bath and kitchen tiles with a green scourer soaked in water with neutral soap and a little vinegar. Rinse with water and then dry.


To clean the gaps between wall and floor tiles, it is recommended that you use a damp brush. After you have cleaned floor tiles, mop the floor with water and neutral soap.


The inside walls of your home have been painted with top-quality matte acetate paint. To remove any stains or scratches, Polaris World recommend you use a cloth and neutral soap before drying with a dry cloth.

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