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25th July 2008

Polaris World Property Tips: LOCKS AND PVC

1.Windows/Sliding Doors

The windows in your home are made of PVC and are double-glazed. If the house has been closed for a time, the PVC in the windows may sometimes go black from condensation in the home. To prevent this, the house should be well-ventilated and to clean them, Polaris recommend you use water with a neutral soap and a cloth so you don't scratch the glass or PVC. Afterwards, dry them well.

For better maintenance of the slide rails of your doors and windows, it is a good idea to keep the rails free of dust and dirt. Use the vacuum cleaner with a fine nozzle.


To clean the blinds in your home, Polaris recommend you remove dust with a damp cloth. Stains on the outside can be cleaned with a soft scourer and neutral soap without rubbing too hard so as not to damage the surface. Afterwards dry with a soft cloth.

3.Door handles

To prevent the door handles from deteriorating, Polaris recommend you clean them only with a dry cloth. To clean the PVC handles of doors and windows, they recommend you use water with a neutral soap and a cloth.


To stop wardrobe doors from hanging loose or coming off, Polaris recommend you don't lean on them when opening them or when taking something out of the wardrobe, as the screws holding them in place gradually loosen. It is advisable to check from time to time that the screws are tightened and if they aren't, to tighten them enough to be able to open and close the wardrobe easily.


To clean the railings properly and prevent scratching, Polaris recommend you use water and neutral soap and dry them with a cloth.

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