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8th August 2008

Polaris World Property Tips: PLUMBING

We must be as sparing with water as possible and Polaris World recommend showering rather than taking a bath as it takes 300 litres of water to fill a bath compared to less than 100 litres used in a 5 minute shower.

Do not flush the chain unnecessarily as every flush uses between 10 and 15 litres of water.

Turn off taps tightly - 10 drops of water a minute can result in 2,000 litres of wasted water in a year!

Use the dishwasher only when it is full - each wash can use 40 litres of water!


If there is no water supply, check that the master stopcock and those in the bathroom and kitchen are open.


Lime scale deposits left in baths, sinks, toilets and around plugholes, may affect the appearance of the bath and can scratch the enamel when removed. Polaris recommend treating and preventing these deposits with a lime scale remover.

It is advisable to use water with neutral soap and a cloth on both marble surfaces as well on the sanitary ware and taps to avoid scratching them. Remove water marks with a dry cloth.

Bad smell I the bathroom and kitchen are often due to the ‘s-bends’ in the waste pipes being left without water through lack of use. Flush the waste pipes with running water and the bad smells should disappear.


To maintain your sink properly and to avoid scratching, Polaris recommend that you do not use strong cleaning products, but a neutral soap with a sponge. To prevent the sink blockage, always throw solid waste into the rubbish bin.


Maintenance of the bath and kitchen taps does not usually cause too many complications if regularly carried out. Limescale and other water additives are the two main enemies of taps, as daily deposits can make them lose their original shine. To prevent this, clean them with soapy water and a cloth, using a neutral product to avoid damage.

It is a good idea to dry taps after use to prevent the components in the water, such as lime scale, from staining and making them lose their usual shine.

The tap filter, where the water comes out, should also be cleaned from time to time.

If your home is going to be closed up, Polaris recommend you pour a little oil into the plugholes to prevent the hydraulic seals from shrinking.

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