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25th July 2008

Polaris World Property Tips: WOODWORK

To clean wood, Polaris World recommend using a soapy product with a damp cloth, never wet otherwise the wood absorbs the moisture. Dry well with a cloth afterwards.


The doors in your home are top-quality wood. Entrance doors to the villas and semis need extra maintenance as they are exposed to weathering and the region's intense sunlight. To dust them, use only a damp cloth and dry well.

2.Breakfast bar

If your home has a breakfast bar, use a damp cloth to clean it with a soapy product and dry it well afterwards.

3.Kitchen units

To clean the kitchen units, Polaris World recommend you use water with a neutral soap and a sponge and dry them well afterwards.


As the pergolas are outside, they are exposed to weathering and hours of strong sunlight. To clean them, use only a damp cloth and dry well. In the event of wear and tear, Polaris World recommend the application of a colourless varnish.


The fitted wardrobes can suffer from damp and condensation when closed and without the necessary circulation of air, so it is a good idea to air them regularly.

Damp rots clothes and opens the way for mould. To clean the wood in the wardrobes, use only a damp cloth with water and a soapy product, dry well and make sure the room is well aired.

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