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9th February 2008
Polaris World Pool Maintenance

Polaris World Pool Maintenance

Although the swimming pool is mostly used in the summer months, Polaris World will take care of its proper maintenance all year round using the necessary items and treatments to keep it in tip-top condition, so your pool will always be ready for you to enjoy a refreshing dip.

Shock treatment

Before applying the regular treatment, Polaris World submit your swimming pool to a shock treatment scheme that ensures everything is back to normal and the proper risk values of the water in the pool.

The initial shock treatment will consist of in-depth chlorination with the administration of quick-action chlorine, essential for proper disinfecting of the water, cleaning of the bottom and sides, ensuring that the PH regulation is between ph7.2 and ph7.6.

The treatment also includes the administration of algicide and flocculant in the correct proportions to remove algae and particles not caught by the filter.

The water is also circulated for a minimum of 48 hours, so ensuring that the swimming pool is ready for use.

Pool Cleaning

The maintenance programme includes:

1. PH control, maintaining it at the right level (between 7.2 and 7.6) so that it is not rough on the skin and fosters chlorine efficiency.
2. Check and maintenance of the chlorine level for the proper elimination of micro-organisms and to keep the water clean and clear.
3. Application of anti-algae to prevent green water and slippery surfaces.
4. Administration of flocculant to remove colloidal particles not caught by the silica sand filter of the purifier.
5. Regulation of the filtration system to maintain the water’s constant levels.
6. Counter-current cleaning of the filter.
7. Cleaning of the pre-filter or pump tray.
8. Cleaning of the skimmer filter, removing leaves and contamination elements.
9. Vacuum cleaning of bottom and sides.

Monthly and annual contracts are available. Contact us for the latest prices and information according to your own property and requirements

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